FJM Productions specializes in producing large, lavish Las Vegas type Revue Shows shows for corporations, casinos, cruise lines and major hotels throughout the US and Europe.

A recognized leader in the field, each of FJM Productions original shows feature lavish costuming, sophisticated staging and choreography, outstanding production elements encompassing scenery, props and lighting design, plus the top talent in dancers, singers and Specialty Acts from all over the world.

Personal Management • Artist Booking Services • Resort Hotel Buyer
Consulting • Producer • Event Coordination • Label Executive

How We Work

How FJM Productions Puts A Show Together

From Choreography to costume design, music, scenery and lighting, explore how FJM Productions works to produce the best quality shows on the market.  


FJM Productions has produced some of the most elaborate live entertainment that has left audiences spellbound. From cruise ships to casinos to corporate events, FJM Productions has proven to be a guaranteed commodity when it comes to production shows.

Exciting and titillating entertainment is what your clients are always looking for and what today’s audiences expect. With the level of television, movies and available special effects, it is tough to impress an audience. FJM Productions has never had a problem doing that! One of the secrets to their success is to bring in the top personnel of each industry and element of a production show from lighting, special effects, music and choreography. Having all of these elements in place, you can’t go wrong with an FJM Production show.

Leaving a lasting impression is always on the forefront of the FJM Production team. We know that customer ratings and customer satisfaction makes a successful run. Knowing that up front and having the best people in the business on your side makes that challenge much easier. FJM Productions never falters or lets any aspect of excellence or quality fall by the wayside. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you produce the show that you have always wanted to brag about.

Exclusive Properties We Work With

Hutchinson Shores Resort
The Jupiter Beach Resort
Opal Grand Resort in Del Ray Beach
The Quail Ridge Country Club
Runyons In Coral Springs
The Hollywood Beach Marriott
Gianni’s @ The Villa
Reefhouse Resort & Marina
Holiday Inn Key Largo
Skippers Dockside in Key Largo
Boston’s on the Beach
Amara Cay Resort

Meet The FJM Team

Meet the people that are going to take your entertainment to the next level.

Fred J. Montilla, Jr


Fred J. Montilla is the President of FJM Productions, Inc., which he founded in 1976.  He has spearheaded this company into one of the most successful and diverse privately- owned entertainment companies in the country today. Read more.

    Tracy Montilla

    Producer's Assistant

    Tracy Montilla has been with FJM Productions since its’ inception. She works closely with the producer on ideas and looks, and works with wardrobe people and production managers to help execute those ideas. Read More.